Google Adds New AI Features to Help People with Online Shopping

Tue Apr 02 2024
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CALIFORNIA: Google has introduced new features powered by artificial intelligence to help people with online shopping.

Through its latest AI image generation capability, Google aims to simplify your search for the perfect item by providing tailored recommendations. This enhancement was announced in a recent blog post by Google.

“We’ve developed AI image generation specifically for shopping, allowing you to explore apparel styles that match your preferences. Imagine you’re searching for a new spring jacket but haven’t found the ideal one yet. After inputting your query, such as ‘colorful quilted spring jacket,’ simply tap ‘Generate images’ to view photorealistic options aligned with your vision. Once you find a suitable choice, click on it to explore various purchasing options,” detailed the Google blog.

To access this feature, users need to be located in the US and opt into Google’s Search Generative Experience. If eligible, users can try out the feature on the Google app or mobile browsers. Additionally, Google plans to introduce a virtual try-on tool for prospective shoppers.

“Even after discovering a style you like, you may desire additional confidence that it will suit you perfectly. This is where our virtual try-on (VTO) tool becomes valuable. In the US, whether on desktop, mobile, or the Google app, simply locate the ‘try-on’ icon within shopping results for men’s or women’s tops,” elucidated the Google blog.

However, users won’t be trying on the virtual items themselves. Instead, a variety of diverse models, ranging in size from XXS to 4XL, will have tested the clothes, allowing users to view how they look in real life on a body type similar to their own.

“No two shoppers are alike, which is why we’re designing the shopping experience on Google to be tailored to you. Look out for more personalized experiences to help you find and shop for what you love,” Google added.

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