Google Agrees to $5 Billion Settlement in Privacy Lawsuit Over ‘Incognito’ Mode Tracking

Sat Dec 30 2023
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SAN FRANCISCO: Google has reached a settlement amounting to $5 billion in a privacy lawsuit centered around allegations that the tech giant spied on users utilizing the “incognito” mode in its Chrome browser, as well as similar “private” modes in other browsers.

The class-action lawsuit, filed in 2020, asserted that Google misled users by implying that their internet activities would not be tracked while using incognito mode.

The lawsuit contended that Google’s advertising technologies and other methods continued to collect details of users’ site visits and activities, even when they believed they were engaging in “private” browsing. Plaintiffs argued that Google’s actions resulted in an “unaccountable trove of information” about users who believed they had taken measures to safeguard their privacy.

Google Agrees to Settlement in Privacy Lawsuit

The terms of the settlement, reached on Thursday, have not been disclosed and are subject to approval by a federal judge. Originally seeking $5 billion on behalf of users, the class-action lawsuit’s lawyers anticipate presenting a final settlement agreement to the court by February 24.

Google has not provided an immediate response to requests for comments regarding the settlement. The case underscores the ongoing challenges and debates surrounding online privacy as users increasingly seek assurances that their digital activities remain confidential.

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