Google Closing Down Popular App in Service Overhaul

Mon Dec 18 2023
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CALIFORNIA: US multinational tech company, Google has been working to phase out the Play Movies and TV brand and services.

The company now seems to be making the last efforts to end Google Play Movies & TV for good in January. The service launched its standalone TV app few years ago.

The tech firm has released detailed instructions on how its long-time customers can access the content they have already bought. However, the access depends on what device the viewer is using.

Viewers from January 17, 2024 will be able to access the movies and shows they have purchased in the “Your Library” row under the Shop tab in Google Play.

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If they’re on Android TV cable or set-top boxes, they will be able to access their old movies or Tv shows through the YouTube app, and they could also continue buying and renting movies and shows.

On browsers, they have to fire up the YouTube website to watch their old purchases and buy new ones.

The recent changes will be completed in few weeks, but they have already begun as consumers are already seeing old movie purchases on the YouTube website.

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