Government Allocates Rs 19.35 Billion for Power Sector Development in FY 2023-24

Tue Dec 05 2023
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ISLAMABAD: In a significant move towards bolstering the power sector, the government has released a substantial amount of Rs 19,347.21 million billion for various National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) and Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) schemes under the annual Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2023-24.

Out of the allocated sum of Rs 55,277.74 million for various NTDC/PEPCO projects in the PSDP 2023-24, the local component received Rs 10,373.69 million, while the foreign aid component was Rs 8,973.51 million. A portion of Rs 2,250.97 million has been utilized for various water-related projects.

Key allocations under ongoing schemes include Rs 12,000 million for the Installation of 2×600 MW coal-fired power project GENCO-1 Jamshoro, Rs 2,536.471 million for the interconnection of isolated Makran Network, and Rs 1,200 million for 500kV Allama Iqbal Industrial City to meet the 600 MW demand of the Special Economic Zone.

For the augmentation of existing grid stations, Rs 7,000 million has been earmarked, while Rs 3,000 million is allocated for the power distribution enhancement investment programme-II (Advance Metering Infrastructure Project).

In addition, new schemes have been introduced, including Rs 2,658 million for land acquisition for the installation of a 1200 MW Solar Power Plant at Sher Garh (Layyah) and Rs 1,133 million for land acquisition for a 600 MW Solar Power Plant at Tehsil Athara Hazari (Jhang).

The funds allocated for ongoing and new projects reflect the government’s commitment to enhancing the power infrastructure, ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply for the nation.

Government will continue to provide updates on the developments in the energy sector.



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