Guard of Joe Biden’s Granddaughter Opens Fire During Car Break-In

Tue Nov 14 2023
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WASHINGTON: A US Secret Service agent deployed outside the house of President Joe Biden’s granddaughter opened fire during a break-in attempt of an official vehicle, US media reported on Monday.

The authorities said Naomi Biden, a 29-year-old lawyer has been informed about the incident that occurred in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington.

Presidential protection service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi in a statement said the Secret Service agents possibly tackled three individuals trying to break a window of a parked and empty government vehicle.

He said that during the encounter with suspects, a federal agent discharged a service weapon while hitting one. However, the suspects fled the scene.

Naomi Biden is the oldest daughter of Hunter Biden, the president’s son who is facing illegitimate gun possession charges and Republican-led congressional probe.

According to the capital city’s police, Washington has so far seen rise in carjackings, with more than 860 reported cases so far this year.

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last month Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar was robbed by three armed attackers outside his residence.

Naomi Biden is named after the Joe Biden’s first daughter, who died as a baby in a car accident in 1972.

The US Secret Service protects the president and vice president and their families, as well as former presidents and heads of state.

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