Hamas Denounces US Veto of Palestinian Bid for UN Membership

Fri Apr 19 2024
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GAZA: Palestinian group Hamas on Friday strongly condemned the US veto that ended a Palestinian bid to have full United Nations’ membership.

Rulers of the Gaza Strip in a statement condemned the American veto at the Security Council of the draft resolution giving full membership in the United Nations to Palestine.

The development comes amid growing global concern over the death toll caused by the war in the besieged Palestinian enclave.

The veto by Israel’s key ally, US, had been expected before the voting process, which took place more than six months into Israel’s war in Gaza.

Twelve countries voted in favour of the draft resolution, presented by Algeria and proposed the General Assembly that the State of Palestine be granted full membership of the United Nations. Britain and Switzerland abstained from the voting.

Palestine Israel’s government opposes a two-state solution while most of the international community including the United States also back her.

A large number of the UN’s 193-member states (137, according to a Palestinian count) have meanwhile unilaterally recognized a Palestinian state.

The US had also vetoed a resolution for Vietnam’s UN membership back in 1976.

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