Hamas’s Compassionate Treatment of Israeli Hostages Earns Global Praise

Sun Nov 26 2023
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GAZA CITY: Amid the ongoing conflict the besieged Gaza Strip, Hamas has garnered international attention for its exemplary treatment of Israeli hostages during a latest prisoner exchange. The surprising turn of events in the battlefield, where Hamas fighters have been perceived as challenging the military might of Israel, is now coupled with displays of high morals during the release of prisoners.

Social media, particularly on the platform X, has been flooded with photos and videos capturing masked Hamas fighters treating Israeli hostages with remarkable kindness, a stark contrast to the reported ill-treatment of Palestinian prisoners by Israeli forces. One user, Azad, shared a video of the prisoner exchange, praising the moral conduct of Hamas fighters and expressing admiration for the mothers who raised individuals with such high morals.

The footage shows the handover of Israeli prisoners to the Red Cross, with the released hostages appearing fully recovered and expressing gratitude towards Hamas fighters. The scenes suggest that the hostages were treated well during their captivity, prompting pride among those who identify with a people maintaining their morals even in the heat of conflict.

A particularly heartening message came from the sister of one of the Thai hostages, shared widely on social media. In the video, she commended the good behavior of Hamas fighters, asserting that her sister was not abused or tortured during her time in Hamas custody. The woman expressed that her sister was well-fed and cared for, creating an impression that the hostages were not in a typical prison environment but rather well-maintained.

Hamas Fighters Win Hearts During Prisoners-Hostages Exchange

Another social media user, Ihsan Ullah, shared a photo contrasting Israeli soldiers arresting a young child with Hamas fighters tenderly handing over an Israeli child of the same age to the Red Cross. The stark juxtaposition illustrated a narrative of compassion and care on one side, and a more aggressive approach on the other.

The sentiment was echoed by Jackson Hinkle, who shared a statement from an Al-Qassam Brigades spokesman celebrating the perceived victory of Hamas over Israel’s military prowess. The spokesman declared an end to the era of deceiving the world with military might and intelligence superiority, asserting the decline of Zionism.

Responding to these sentiments, a user emphasized the distinction between terrorists and freedom fighters, noting that the behavior of Palestinian fighters serves as a living example that even adversaries are compelled to appreciate.


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