Health Expert Asks People to Use Vegetables During Ramadan

Tue Apr 04 2023
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SUKKUR: Prominent health expert Dr Rehana Memon has asked fasters (roza-daars) to avoid sugar, fried food, juices and limit sugar intake from items such as cakes and cookies during Ramadan especially in Iftari.

Health Expert and Ramadan

Talking to the media on Monday, she stressed using steamed and raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, and salad, saying that ‘Roza-daars’ should not miss ‘Sehri’ with a view to decreasing weight. She added that they should rather wake up early to have their ‘Sehri’ in order to maintain good health. She maintained that fasters should also avoid eating too much in Iftar as they tend to take more than their bodies need.

Eating foods high in sugar and fat at the wrong times also affects the human body, she added.

Fasters should also exercise following breaking their fast in order to keep their metabolism balanced, she said. The health expert also pointed out the significance of eating slowly and advised fasters to drink lots of water. Dr. Memon also recommended foods for Sehri like eggs and cheese.

She added that complex carbohydrates in Sehri time take longer to digest, making people less hungry across the day.  She said that dates, which are an excellent source of sugar, carbohydrates, fiber, potassium and magnesium, are also highly recommended during Ramadan. Rozadars should also avoid foods including honey, and jam, which can make them thirstier, she concluded.

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