Heavy Rain Wreaks Havoc in Gwadar, Inundates Entire City

Tue Feb 27 2024
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GWADAR: Heavy rains wreaked havoc in Balochistan’s coastal city of Gwadar on Tuesday, bringing life to a halt as water completely submerged houses, roads, and streets disrupting the power transmission system after over fifteen hours of downpour.

A rain-producing system entered Pakistan through Balochistan on February 25, under which parts of the province and upper regions were likely to receive heavy rains and windstorms from Tuesday.

The rainwater entered shops and houses, driving people out of their shelters. Footages showed the whole coastal town heavily inundated with rainwater gushing down on the roads and vehicles making their way through knee-deep water.

Rain Causes Floods in Gwadar

At least 7 houses were reportedly demolished, while a large number of others had been partially damaged.

Senator Kohda Babar told a private news channel that the whole old town in Gwadar has submerged in up to two to three feet of water after the heavy rain, which was still pounding the city.

He requested the authorities concerned, particularly the Provincial Disaster Management Authority and National Disaster Management Authority, to “have mercy” and come to the locals’ help. He further said that thousands of fishermen have lost their boats and houses due to flooding.

Babar said that some locals were shifting to their relatives present outside the town, while the administration was also making some effort within its authority.

Calling for the area to be declared calamity-hit, Babar demanded the government to make sure that the affected people would be compensated for their losses.

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