Hindutva Leaders Target Muslims in Rajasthan Assembly Vote Campaign

Tue Nov 21 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Leaders of the Hindutva movement and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are freely making hateful remarks against Muslims as they campaign for Rajasthan’s state assembly elections, which are scheduled for November 25.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the leaders of the BJP and Hindutva openly attacked the Muslim minority and propagated their divisive agendas in each address.

In almost every speech, there was a recurring theme of anti-Muslim plots and themes related to forced religious conversions, “Love Jihad,” the destruction of Hindu holy buildings, and the illegal migration of Rohingyas.

The human rights group Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), which works to protect and defend every Indian’s freedom and constitutional rights, has recorded multiple BJP representatives giving hate speeches at various polling places.

The Hindutva Watch Initiative has uploaded all of the CJP-documented remarks on ‘X,’ formerly Twitter, where it tracks hate crimes and hate speech against the country’s religious minorities.

Ajmer is roughly 80 km away from Kekri city, where BJP leader Shatrughan Gautam stirred up controversy by bringing up the topic of Kashmiri pundits’ migration. In addition, he supported using force against anyone who was thought to be opposing Hindu Buddhism.

“Every eye raised against Sanatan will be destroyed; every hand raised against Sanatan will be cut. This is the land of Hindu saints,” he said in his speech on November 16. —APP

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