Hindutva Threat: Posters in IIOJK Caution Against Land Sales to Outsiders

Sat Apr 06 2024
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SRINAGAR: In Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, posters have emerged urging residents to refrain from selling their properties, including land, to non-Kashmiris in order to protect future generations from the anti-Kashmir agenda of Hindutva RSS/BJP.

According to Kashmir Media Service, pro-freedom organizations have posted these messages in various locations in Srinagar, Baramulla, and other districts.

The posters express opposition to the BJP/RSS’ implementation of harsh and anti-Kashmir policies, accusing the Modi regime of misleading the international community with false claims of normalcy and development in the region.

The posters convey a clear message: “Do not sell your properties, including land, to non-Kashmiris, even if lucrative offers are made, as it will jeopardize the survival of future generations, akin to the plight faced by Palestinians today.”

They also caution against the Hindutva RSS/BJP’s adoption of Israeli policies in Jammu and Kashmir, which aim to displace Kashmiris from their ancestral land by settling non-Kashmiris in the territory to alter its demographic makeup.

Furthermore, the posters call upon Kashmiris to unite and resist the BJP’s efforts to allocate Kashmiri land to outsiders, labeling it a dangerous anti-Kashmir ploy orchestrated by the Hindutva regime.

The posters also advocate for remembering the poor and the families of martyrs in acts of benevolence and charity, especially on the blessed occasion of Eid.

These messages from the posters have also been disseminated on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

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