Imran Khan to Visit Lahore Today

Tue Oct 11 2022
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former premier Imran Khan will go to Lahore today.

During his Lahore visit, Imran Khan will tackle three events. The PTI chief will tackle ISF Convention, Youth Convention along with Doctors Convention today.
The ex-premier will additionally keep an assembly with the journalists. He will additionally preserve an assembly the celebration leaders in Lahore.

Moreover, Imran Khan will additionally tackle a public gathering in Sharaqpur today.

On Monday, Khan stated that he accomplished the planning for the subsequent lengthy march, however, he did now not inform his crew about the plan.
While addressing a workers’ conference in Rawalpindi, Imran Khan said, “I haven’t advised lengthy march’s layout to my team.

We understand what they [rulers] are going to do however they are totally unaware of our plan.”

Regarding the upcoming PTI’s lengthy march, Khan stated that he has now not advised his crew concerning his planning. He claimed that the rulers would in no way be triumphant in foiling the diagram of PTI’s lengthy march.
While concluding his address.

Imran Khan stated that he will now meet the people in the lengthy march. “I am getting ready the country for the lengthy march which will be the largest lengthy march in history. We will keep peaceable protest inside the limits of the Constitution and law.”

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