India Carrying Out Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Kashmir

Sat Nov 18 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The Indian government, particularly under Narendra Modi’s leadership, is accused of perpetrating a slow-moving genocide in the occupied territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

This involves alleged extrajudicial killings through staged encounters to suppress the ongoing struggle of Kashmiris in securing their UN-recognized right to self-determination.

Reportedly, according to Kashmir Media Service, troops have recently killed eight Kashmiris, including a 60-year-old man, in Baramulla, Kulgam, and Rajouri districts. Additionally, hundreds have been arrested during cordon and search operations and house raids over the past week. The use of drones and chemical weapons by the troops during these operations has been highlighted as particularly brutal, especially in targeting the youth.

These alleged fake encounters are seen as part of a larger scheme by the Modi-led Indian government, influenced by Hindutva ideology, to diminish the indigenous population in IIOJK. The people of occupied Kashmir have borne the brunt of Indian suppression for over seven decades, enduring the killing of innocent civilians in staged encounters and arrests under draconian laws consistently employed by Indian troops.

In Srinagar, political analysts and members of civil society have expressed dismay, stating that the Kashmiris are facing repercussions for demanding their inherent right to self-determination—a right guaranteed to them by the United Nations. They emphasized that India itself took the Kashmir dispute to the UN Security Council, leading to successive resolutions calling for its resolution through a plebiscite. These individuals believe that the UN should address the grave situation in IIOJK, particularly the human rights violations committed by Indian troops.

The analysts and civil society members further assert that it’s crucial for the international community to step up and hold the Modi regime accountable for its alleged crimes against the Kashmiri people.

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