Indian Ex-Naval Officers Detained in Qatar released

Mon Feb 12 2024
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NEW DELHI: The Qatari authorities have recently released eight Indian ex-naval officers who had been detained since August 2022, according to a statement from the Indian Foreign Ministry on Monday.

These officers were reportedly arrested on charges of spying for Israel, as per local media reports, although official comments on the matter have not been disclosed.

In December of the previous year, the Qatar court had commuted the death sentence of the officers to imprisonment, signaling a significant development in their legal proceedings.

“The government of India welcomes the release of eight Indian nationals working for the Dahra Global company who were detained in Qatar,” stated the Indian Foreign Ministry, expressing gratitude for the resolution of the matter.

Furthermore, the ministry disclosed that seven out of the eight employees have already returned to India, marking the successful culmination of diplomatic efforts aimed at securing their release and ensuring their safe return home.

The release of the Indian ex-naval officers underscores the importance of diplomatic engagement and cooperation between countries to address such sensitive matters and safeguard the rights and welfare of their citizens abroad. This development brings relief to the families of the detained individuals and highlights the significance of diplomatic channels in resolving international disputes and legal issues.


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