Indian Music Producer Jumani’s Tribute to “Zainab Kay Papa” Family

Sat Jan 27 2024
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ISLAMABAD: We all have been watching the most viral and iconic family of content creators Arshad Reels across various social media platforms.

Arshad and his family have garnered significant attention on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube simultaneously. Renowned for their insightful family vlogs, it’s Dua’s endearing lectures that steal the spotlight.

With 5.92 million subscribers on YouTube, 432K followers on Instagram, and 126K followers on TikTok, Arshad Reels’ influence is undeniable. His Instagram reels have become a source of inspiration for countless content creators and influencers.

Notably, Arshad Reels’ family is currently a trending topic in India as well. Recently, celebrated Indian music producer Mayur Jumani paid homage to Arshad Reels by crafting a musical composition intertwining Arshad’s dialogues with melodious tunes. This musical tribute, adorned with rap verses and heartfelt lyrics, is a delight to the ears. You can experience the enchanting creation by Mayur Jumani here.

Although Arshad Reels himself appreciated the Instagram reel, he kindly requested the removal of the music from the video.

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