Indian Opposition Leader Slams International Community over Gaza Killings

Mon Nov 13 2023
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NEW DELHI: Priyanka Gandhi, a senior leader of India’s main opposition Indian Congress Party, has strongly criticized the international community for its silence and inaction in the face of the death toll in Gaza.

In a statement, Priyanka Gandhi referred to the death of over 11,000 innocent Palestinians as a “deplorable and disgraceful milestone” resulting from what she described as “brutal and barbaric” Israeli strikes on Gaza.

Expressing her dismay, Gandhi highlighted the devastating impact on civilians, noting that almost half of the casualties were children. She cited World Health Organization (WHO) statistics indicating that one child is being killed every ten minutes.

Gandhi painted a grim picture of the dire situation, stating that tiny babies had to be removed from incubators due to a lack of oxygen, only to be left to die amid brutal Israeli bombardments in Gaza.

Priyanka Gandhi Condemns Israeli Brutalities in Gaza

In her condemnation, the party’s general secretary directed strong criticism towards governments supporting the Israeli actions, lamenting the absence of a collective shock to the conscience and a call for a ceasefire. She denounced the continued onslaught of bombs, violence, killings, and suffering in Gaza.

“Shame on the governments supporting this destruction. When is it going to be enough?” Gandhi questioned, highlighting the persistent lack of intervention despite the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

Israel’s sustained air and ground attacks on Gaza, which began on October 7, have faced widespread condemnation. The air strikes have targeted hospitals, residences, and houses of worship, while the enclave remains entirely besieged, with limited access to essential resources such as food, water, fuel, and electricity.

Several world leaders, including Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, have called out the international community for its shameful silence in the face of what they describe as an Israeli genocide in Gaza.


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