Indian Troops Torture Three Kashmiris to Death in Custody in Poonch

Sat Dec 23 2023
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SRINAGAR: In Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), three Kashmiris have been subjected to fatal torture while in army custody, Western media reported on Saturday.

The reports revealed that the army had apprehended “at least eight Kashmiri civilians” a day ago for questioning in connection to a Thursday attack on two army vehicles in Poonch, resulting in four deaths and three injured Indian soldiers.

Local residents accused the Indian army personnel of torturing the three detainees to death at a nearby military camp, with the bodies later handed over to local police, who then informed the families. Residents claimed the bodies showed signs of severe torture.

The other five individuals were reportedly transferred to an army hospital after undergoing severe torture.

According to a local Mohammed Younis, soldiers arrived at his Topa Peer village on Friday morning, detaining nine villagers, including two of his brothers and a cousin. While an elderly man was released, the others allegedly suffered ruthless beatings and electrocution. Younis mentioned that his relatives, also badly injured due to torture, are receiving treatment in an army hospital.

Videos purportedly depicting the torture of detained civilians circulated online hours after their arrest, sparking widespread anger. Authorities responded by cutting off internet services on smart devices in Poonch and Rajouri on Saturday morning, a common tactic to prevent protests and discourage the spread of such videos.

Lt Col Suneel Bartwal, an Indian army spokesman, claimed to have no information about the circumstances surrounding the three deaths.

The IIOJK government’s Information and Public Relations Department reported that after the deaths were reported, medico-legal formalities were conducted, and legal action was initiated. Compensation for the deceased, along with compassionate appointments for their next of kin, was announced by the government.

Senior police and civil officials visited the village, overseeing the burials. Local officials stated that police would investigate the incident to pacify the villagers.

EX-IIOJK Chief Minister Expresses Concern over Alleged State Terrorism Against Kashmiris 

Protests erupted in Srinagar, the region’s main city, with at least three pro-India Kashmiri political parties staging demonstrations against the killings.

Former IIOJK Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti expressed concern over the killings, saying Indian troops were committing the “worst kind of state terrorism in the territory.” She highlighted the brutal treatment of detainees, with heartbreaking videos showing Indian soldiers reportedly throwing young people down and applying chili to their wounds.

Mufti deplored the transformation of IIOJK into an open prison, where thousands, including imams, lawyers, and journalists, are incarcerated, and employees are being terminated from their jobs.


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