Integrated Energy Planning to Help in Tackling Energy Crisis in Pakistan: Sami Saeed

Thu Nov 30 2023
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ISLAMABAD: The caretaker minister for Planning Development and Special Initiatives Muhammad Sami Saeed on Thursday presided over a meeting to review progress on the Integrated Energy Planning (IEP) Project for sustainable development, termed it will assist in tackling the energy crisis in Pakistan.

The IEP is an appropriate and effective tool for realizing the government’s vision of developing a sustainable, cost-efficient energy sector that meets the strategic and socio-economic requirements of the country and surging demand for energy, Ministry of Planning Development said in a press release.

In the continuation of this vision, an Energy Planning and Resource Centre has been established within IEP project, it said.

The planning minister reviewed the work done by EPRC in the last 2 years. The EPRC team gave a briefing of the policy reports, including Pakistan Energy Outlook Report 2021-30, Pakistan Energy Demand Forecast 2021-30, Pakistan Natural Gas Policy Analysis and way forward and its next work on the economic viability of introducing large scale solar IPP’s in Pakistan.

During the meeting, Pakistan Energy Demand Forecast 2021-30 was thoroughly discussed. EPRC team underlined Pakistan Energy Outlook Report 2021-30 which presents the energy outlook of the country with a retrospective analysis of energy mix including Oil, petroleum oil lubricants products, Gas including liquified natural gas, coal, liquified petroleum gas, and electricity.

The monthly consumption data of such variables used in the model has been acquired by the IEP from relevant primary stakeholders and created its data repository (IEP Database) from 2006 to 2020. Additionally, considering the IEP strategic and policy objectives, a holistic approach has been used in demand modeling.

During the meeting, another report published by EPRC under the title “Pakistan Natural Gas Policy Analysis and Way Forward” was discussed. This report presents a comprehensive view of the current state of the gas sector in Pakistan, a policy analysis for the demand side-management with a set of recommendations, a policy analysis of the gas rating regime in the country with different pricing scenarios.

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