Int’l Workshop on “Sustainable Economic Growth Through Establishing Science and Technology Parks” in Isfahan

Mon Nov 20 2023
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TEHRAN: Isfahan Regional Centre for Technology Incubator and Science Park Development has planned to organize an International Training Workshop on “Sustainable Economic Growth through Establishing Science and Technology Parks” from 27 to 29 November in Isfahan.

The workshop is being organized under the auspices of UNESCO (IRIS) and UNESCO Tehran Office with the cooperation of ISTT, ECO Science Foundation, and Standing Committee for Scientific and Technological Cooperation aimed at building the capacity of the science parks authorities, public organizations, university experts and professionals managing the science parks and incubators to further develop their knowledge about establishment and management of such entities and supporting the k-based companies in their nations.

According to an official, the workshop will help independent researchers and professionals, university graduates, research institutions, and authorities to commercialize the results.

The training aimed at developing the capacity of stakeholders in the innovation space and increasing the commercialization of research findings.

Workshop to Bring Together Public, Private Sectors

It will bring together the public and private sectors, thus facilitating knowledge transfer between private and public sectors at the national level.

The knowledge economy has been described as the production and provision of services based on knowledge-intensive activities. It contributes to the accelerating pace of scientific and technical advances. One of the key components of a knowledge economy is nurturing startups and reliance on human capital, research, intellectual capabilities, and development.

Economic growth depends on an economy’s ability to develop and commercialize innovative items and services and develop new technologies.

Startups and SMEs have helped develop new technologies and bring up new ideas in recent years. These companies are shaped successfully when they are formed in a supportive entity like a science park.

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