Iranian FM Warns French Counterpart About Risk of Escalation in Gaza Conflict

Sat Nov 18 2023
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TEHRAN: Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has warned the French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna about the risk of further escalation in the Gaza Strip amidst Israeli brutalities against innocent Palestinians. During a meeting in Geneva, Amirabdollahian emphasizing the need for urgent action to address the situation in Gaza.

The Foreign Minister conveyed Iran’s stance on the matter, asserting that the international community, particularly the United States and some Western nations, cannot exclusively focus on the actions of Hamas. He highlighted Iran’s view of Hamas as a Palestinian liberation movement against occupation and criticized the silence of certain Western countries regarding civilian casualties in Palestine.

Iran Warns of Consequences of Israeli Actions in Gaza

“We warned about the consequences of the continuation of war crimes in Gaza. The immediate cessation of genocide in Gaza, the sending of relief aid, and the exchange of civilian prisoners were also emphasized,” stated Amirabdollahian after the meeting.

Moreover, the Iranian Foreign Minister warned that if the current situation persists, various options, including an expansion of military operations, remain on the table. Colonna, in response, acknowledged the gravity of the situation and urged Iran to take a significant role in preventing the further spread of conflict throughout the region. She emphasized the importance of safeguarding civilians during the war and ensuring access for humanitarian aid.

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