Iranian President Slams US as Main Supporter of Israeli Brutalities in Gaza

Sun Dec 10 2023
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TEHRAN: Iranian President Ebrahim Raeisi strongly criticized the United States for vetoing a draft UN Security Council resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

In a social media post on Sunday, Raeisi accused the US of being “the main supporter of the massacre of innocent Palestinian women and children in Gaza.”

Raeisi emphasized that despite global calls to halt the war crimes committed by Israel in Gaza, the US vetoed the resolution, highlighting its role as a contributor to the Israeli regime’s atrocities.

Iranian President Slams US for Blocking Ceasefire Resolution

The Iranian President’s comments come after the US blocked the ceasefire resolution on Friday, drawing condemnation from the international community.

During more than two months of Israeli aggression against Gaza, over 17,997 Palestinians have been killed, with approximately two-thirds being women and children.


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