Iraqi PM Rejects Resignation of Three Cabinet Ministers

Mon Nov 20 2023
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BAGHDAD: Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani has refused to accept the resignation of three cabinet ministers who stepped down in protest following the dismissal of parliament speaker Mohamed al-Halbussi.

Last week, the Supreme Court announced the dismissal of al-Halbussi, an influential politician, following accusations of document forgery by a lawmaker. In response, al-Halbussi’s Taqadom party announced the resignation of the government ministers of culture, industry, and planning, all of whom are members of the party.

However, on Monday, al-Sudani’s office released a statement stating that the prime minister “has rejected the resignations of the ministers of planning, industry, and culture.” The statement emphasized that the ministers would resume their duties in service to the Iraqi people.

Iraqi Govt’s Commitment to Comprehensive Political Representation

The Iraqi government, according to the statement, remains committed to a comprehensive political representation that aligns with the goal of supporting political stability across the country.

The recent dismissal of al-Halbussi has added to the complexities within Iraq’s political sphere.

Allegations against al-Halbussi surfaced when Laith al-Duleimi, an MP for Taqadom, accused the parliament speaker of forging a resignation letter. Al-Duleimi claimed that al-Halbussi altered the date on an older document to force him out of parliament. Al-Halbussi has rejected the court’s decision, labeling it a “strange verdict” and suggesting that certain individuals aim to destabilize the country.

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