Islamabad Police Heighten Security Measures in High Security Zone

Wed Dec 06 2023
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ISLAMABAD: In a proactive bid to bolster security within the federal capital, Islamabad Police have intensified efforts, with a specific focus on the high security zone. A police spokesperson revealed that comprehensive security measures, including rigorous data registration, meticulous examination of identification documents, and routine searches of individuals, are actively being enforced in the designated high security zone.

A notable crackdown on traffic rules violations has been a key facet of these efforts. At various checkpoints within the high security zone, the police have taken action against 2,905 vehicles and 1,613 motorcyclists for infractions related to traffic rules. Stringent directives have been issued to police officers stationed at these checkpoints, underscoring the importance of responsible duty execution.

In the preceding month, the Islamabad Capital Police undertook several measures to enhance security, such as the removal of tinted glasses and improper number plates from 2,849 vehicles. Additionally, 56 vehicles lacking proper documentation were impounded, and 1,613 motorcyclists received challan tickets for violations related to helmets and over-speeding.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of protecting public and private properties, including embassies situated in the high security zone, the police spokesperson reiterated the commitment to maintaining a secure environment. Police officials are instructed to diligently record the data of all citizens entering the high security zone, conduct thorough searches of suspicious vehicles, and engage positively with the public during their duties.

The Islamabad Capital Police encourages citizens to actively collaborate in ensuring security by promptly reporting any suspicious activities through the designated channel, “Pucar-15.” This collective effort reinforces the commitment to maintaining a safe and secure high security zone for the benefit of all residents and visitors alike.



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