Israel conducts More Airstrikes Near Damascus: Syria State Media

Fri Mar 31 2023
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DAMASCUS: Local officials said on Friday that Israel conducted strikes near Damascus early Friday, the second round of airstrikes during the last 24 hours.

Syria’s state-run media reported, “At 21:17 GMT, Israel conducted an aerial strike by firing several missiles from the occupied Syrian Golan and hitting one of the positions in the neighborhood of Damascus,”.  The source said that several missiles were also intercepted by Syrian troops, reporting physical damage.

Israel conducts Airstrikes Near Damascus

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the air strikes targeted positions of the Syrian army and pro-Iran groups in Damascus. It added that strikes destroyed an ammunition depot, with no casualties reported. However, an AFP correspondent in the Syrian capital said he had been awakened by a loud smash.

It may be recalled that during a decade of war in Syria, Israel had conducted hundreds of strikes on Syrian territory, targeting Syrian army positions. Syrian Defense Ministry said that at least two Syrian troops were wounded in attacks early Thursday. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that an Israeli air strike had killed 15 people in a Damascus district last month.

On March 7, at least 3 people were killed in an Israeli air strike at Syria’s Aleppo airport, putting it out of service. The Syrian war broke out in 2011 with the ruthless repression of peaceful anti-government protest demonstrations and intensified into a deadly armed conflict that dragged in foreign powers and global fighters. As many as 500,000 people have been killed and around half of Syria’s pre-war population has been forced from their homes due to conflict in Syria.

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