Israel Launches Strike on Isfahan in Response to Iran Attack: US Media

Fri Apr 19 2024
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TEHRAN: Israel has launched a missile strike against a site in Iran, US broadcaster ABC News reported on Friday. Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency has also reported blasts in Isfahan with official TV reporting flights in several cities have been postponed.

Tehran Claims Drones Shot Down, ‘No Missile Strike for Now’

On the other hand, Iranian officials said they shot down several drones and that there had been “no missile strike for now” on Iran, after blasts were heard near Isfahan.

Iran’s space agency spokesperson Hossein Dalirian said in a statement via social media that several drones “have been shot down by the nation’s air defence, there are no reports of a missile strike for now,”

Earlier, Fars news agency reported that blasts were heard near the airport at Isfahan city, but the reason was unknown.

AFP reported that explosions were also reported in southern Syria. AFP cited a local activist in Syria that there were attacks on a Syrian army position.

Iran has suspended flights in several areas including at Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan airports, Iranian Airports and Air Navigation Company said. Iranian media reported that Air defence missiles have been activated after Israeli strike.

Following Iran’s barrages of drones, Israeli authorities did not say when or where they would attack, but Benjamin Netanyahu said they reserve the right to protect itself.

On Thursday, UN chief Antonio Guterres painted a dark image of the situation in the region, warning that spiraling tensions over the conflict in Gaza and new development could devolve into a “complete regional conflict.”

Israel has warned it would hit back following Iran fired hundreds of drones and missiles at its arch rival over the weekend.  That attack came in the wake of an assault on Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria.

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