Israeli Air Raids Target UN-Run School in Gaza, Leaving Dozens Dead

Sat Nov 18 2023
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GAZA CITY: In a tragic turn of events, Israeli air raids have struck the al-Fakhoora School, administered by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA), situated in the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza. The aftermath of the bombing revealed horrifying scenes, with rooms and hallways filled with the lifeless bodies of innocent Palestinians, including children.

Gruesome images from the site portrayed the devastating impact of the Israeli airstrikes on the UN-run school. The school had been serving as a refuge for hundreds of people seeking shelter amidst the conflict. The Jabalia refugee camp, even on a normal day, is densely populated, and with the Israeli forces’ commands to evacuate to the south of the Gaza Strip, some residents sought sanctuary in the UN-administered school.

Israeli Brutalities Against Palestinians in Gaza

Al Jazeera reported, “On a normal day, the Jabalia refugee camp is a very densely populated area. Some of the residents inside this refugee camp had fled to the south of the Gaza Strip as the Israeli forces commanded, while others did not find any safe shelter, so they left their houses, they left their farms, they left their lands, and they took shelter in a UN-run school, but not even those schools are safe.”

The tragic incident underscores the dire circumstances faced by civilians caught in the Israeli bombing on schools, hospitals and houses.


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