Israeli Attack Kills 70 in Gaza Refugee Camp: Health Ministry

Mon Dec 25 2023
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GAZA: The health ministry in Gaza has said that around 70 people have been killed in an Israeli airstrike that late Sunday hit several houses in a refugee camp in the Strip.

The ministry added the attack destroyed the homes in the Al-Maghazi camp in the center of Gaza.

Gaza’s Health ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra said, “The number of martyrs from the Al-Maghazi massacre has increased to seventy so far”.

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Earlier, he said the attack completely destroyed a “residential block” and that the ” death toll is likely to increase” given the large number of families staying there.

Israeli Attack Kills 70 in Gaza Refugee Camp: Health Ministry

In a separate incident, the health ministry said ten members of same family were killed in an Israeli attack on their home in the Jabalia camp in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Israeli military admitted that nine soldiers were killed in the past day, marking 155 combat losses since the initiation of military operations on October 7.

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The conflict has triggered international concern, with the White House confirming discussions between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden emphasized the critical need to protect civilians and discussed the importance of allowing safe movement away from conflict areas.

Gaza, with vast areas in ruins, has been grappling with dire shortages of water, food, fuel, and medicine due to the Israeli siege, which only marginally eased by the limited arrival of aid trucks. The United Nations reports that 80% of Gazans have been displaced, seeking shelter in makeshift tents, with many forced to the south of Gaza as ground fighting intensifies.

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