Israeli Organization Threatens Former Boxer Amir Khan’s Wife

Fri Nov 03 2023
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ISLAMABAD: Faryal Makhdoom, the spouse of former boxing champion Amir Khan, has recently reported receiving a cautionary message from an Israeli group that offered her financial rewards in exchange for supporting Israel rather than Palestine.

Makhdoom, who manages a thriving cosmetics company, has been openly expressing her support for the Palestinian cause on social media, particularly during the Israel-Gaza conflict.

On a social media platform formerly recognized as Twitter, Faryal Makhdoom shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message she received from an Israeli organization, which included a phone number originating from the United States.

According to the screenshot, the message said: “Let’s make this quite simple. If you support Israel and cease posting about Palestine, we will ensure you are rewarded lucratively. If you don’t or if this is publicized, there will be severe consequences. Your choice, Faryal. Take care.”

However, even after getting a threatening text, Makhdoom remains unfazed by her sympathy for Palestinians as she captioned her tweet: “Will this stop me? Nope.”


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