Jennifer Lopez Receives Support After “Disrespectful” Golden Globes Interview

Mon Jan 08 2024
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LONDON: International sensation Jennifer Lopez has garnered widespread support on social media after facing what many fans deemed a “disrespectful” question about her marriage to Ben Affleck during the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards. The Hollywood star, known for her graceful presence and talent, handled the awkward moment with poise.

During the awards function, a reporter posed an intrusive question to Lopez, asking about the longevity of her marriage to Ben Affleck. The question, perceived by many as inappropriate, led to an outpouring of support for the artist online.

In response to the query, Lopez calmly stated, “Because when they say, ‘You know,’ you know.” She went on to emphasize that she always enters relationships with the best intentions. However, the interviewer continued by questioning Affleck’s feelings about Lopez “playing up” their marriage.

Jennifer Lopez’s Composed Response to Inappropriate Question

In her composed response, JLo highlighted Affleck’s role as an artist, stating, “I think he sees me as an artist. And he knows that I am going to express myself, and he is my biggest fan and biggest supporter.”

Despite Lopez’s composed demeanor, fans took to social media to express their disappointment with the interviewer’s line of questioning. Some labeled the interview as embarrassing, awkward, and disrespectful. Criticism was also directed at the interview crew, with calls for more professionalism and better interviewing standards.

One fan suggested refraining from sharing the interview, stating, “Honestly, I hope everyone stops sharing this guy’s interview. I can’t imagine he would have asked that if Ben was next to her. It’s always open season on her, though. Still can’t believe he really asked her that.”

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