Jordan Airdrops Humanitarian Aid on St Porphyrius Church in Gaza

Mon Dec 25 2023
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GAZA: The Jordanian military has carried out its seventh airdrop to help those trapped inside the Church of St Porphyrius in the Gaza Strip, Arab media reported on Sunday.

According to Arab media, a Royal Air Force aircraft airdropped aid and food supplies to assist the needy people.

It is assessed around 800 civilians are in the church, mainly Christians, facing food scarcities and a severe lack of necessities.

War in Gaza

Earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron expressed “great concern” regarding a Catholic parish in the Gaza Strip with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem. Macron said that hundreds of civilians have been living under bullets and bombs for more than two months while worshippers take care of the sick, disabled or elderly in the area.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem stated earlier that Israeli army personnel shot dead “in cold blood” a Christian mother and daughter on the land of Gaza’s only Catholic church.

AFP reported that Macron offered his deep condolences for the parishioners who he said were killed “shamefully” a week following Pope Francis condemned their killings.

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Bethlehem also decided to cancel its annual Christmas celebrations due to the ongoing siege of Gaza, around three months into the war between Hamas and Israel.  The courtyards and streets in Bethlehem are mostly empty, the roads and routes leading to the city have been sealed off by Israeli troops, and several towns and villages in the area have been violently attacked by armed Israeli troops.

Churches across the region announced the cancellation of all Christmas festivities in an expression of unity with people in the Gaza Strip.

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