Kashmiri-American Community Honors Legacy of Maqbool Butt on 40th Death Anniversary

Mon Feb 12 2024
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WASHINGTON: The Kashmiri-American community gathered in solemn remembrance to mark the 40th death anniversary of Mohammad Maqbool Butt, an iconic figure in Kashmir’s struggle for liberation from Indian occupation. The event, held at a prominent venue in Washington, served as a poignant tribute to Butt’s unwavering dedication and sacrifice in pursuit of Kashmir’s freedom.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, distinguished as the chairman of the ‘World Forum for Peace & Justice’, commenced the proceedings by extolling Butt’s selfless commitment to the cause. Fai emphasized Butt’s foresight, referencing the poignant message he left in his will, underscoring the enduring nature of the struggle for Kashmir’s liberation. In Fai’s words, Butt’s legacy remains etched in the hearts of Kashmiris, serving as a guiding light for the ongoing movement.

The commemoration also provided an opportunity to reflect on the present-day torchbearers of Butt’s vision, notably Mohammad Yasin Malik, the leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF). Fai lauded Malik’s steadfast adherence to democratic principles and nonviolent means in advocating for Kashmiri rights, echoing Butt’s own convictions.

Kashmiri-American Community Honors Legacy of Maqbool Butt on 40th Death Anniversary

Dr. Imtiaz Khan, a respected figure from George Washington University Medical Center, offered insights into Butt’s strategic acumen and his profound understanding of India’s deceptive tactics in Kashmir. Khan portrayed Butt as a visionary leader who galvanized a new generation of freedom fighters, laying the foundation for resistance against oppression.

Sardar Zarif Khan, Advisor to the President of Azad Kashmir, emphasized that Butt’s vision for Kashmir’s self-determination transcends his physical existence, resonating deeply within the collective consciousness of Kashmiris. Khan underscored Butt’s profound belief in the righteousness of the cause, which propelled him to sacrifice his life for the greater good.

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Echoing Khan’s sentiments, Sardar Zubair Khan of the Kashmiri-American Welfare Association (KAWA) hailed Butt as an exemplar of courage and resilience. Khan stressed that Butt’s legacy serves as an enduring source of inspiration for Kashmiris and advocates of human rights worldwide, instilling hope amidst adversity.

The commemorative event also witnessed heartfelt tributes from community leaders and activists, including Hamid Malik, Sardar Mohammad Shaheen, and Sardar Shakeel Anjum. Their poignant reflections highlighted Butt’s indelible imprint on Kashmir’s collective consciousness and reaffirmed the community’s unwavering commitment to realizing his cherished dream of a free and dignified Kashmir.

The commemoration of Mohammad Maqbool Butt’s 40th death anniversary served as a poignant reminder of his enduring legacy as a symbol of Kashmir’s unwavering resilience and determination in the face of oppression. His memory continues to inspire generations to strive for justice, peace, and freedom in the strife-torn region of Kashmir.


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