Kaspersky’s Antidrone Solution Capable of Neutralizing Civilian Drones; Pakistan Rep

Wed Feb 14 2024
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ISLAMABAD: With the global civilian drone market projected to reach $21.62 billion by 2027, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky is ramping up efforts to protect commercial facilities, critical infrastructure, and public events from potential security threats posed by civil drones conducting unauthorized video recordings or even industrial espionage.

Usman Qureshi, the country representative for Kaspersky in Pakistan, highlighted the importance of comprehensive anti-drone solutions in safeguarding against unauthorized video recordings and industrial espionage. He said that Kaspersky’s Antidrone Solution is designed to detect, identify, and neutralize civil drones that may pose security or physical risks across various settings.

He further said that hardware immediately comes to mind when people talk about anti-drone solutions. However, software is becoming increasingly significant as the threat landscape is transforming, and individual hardware devices cannot provide comprehensive security. “We are focused on developing and improving the entire package of the solution. In the new release, we have optimized many vital functions in the software and solved the issue of false positives. We have simplified the interface navigation and eliminated information overload. Integration capabilities have also been improved, which has reduced developer resources to deploy the solution on-site,” Qureshi stated.

Kaspersky Enhancing Antidrone Solution 

In response to the evolving threat landscape, Kaspersky is enhancing its Antidrone Solution with state-of-the-art technology, including AI algorithms and neural networks. The latest update boasts improved system scalability, with an interface that operates 12 times faster and optimized incident visualization.

The updated system offers advanced integration capabilities, allowing for seamless integration with third-party solutions via API. This enables the expansion of geographic coverage and centralized management of the entire system from a single console.

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Moreover, Kaspersky Antidrone features a redesigned map with enhanced speed and real-time display of graphic elements. Users can easily switch between video analytics and map modes to inspect details more closely, facilitating efficient threat response and mitigation.

Kaspersky Antidrone has its own developed map, where a significant redesign and a new framework were made, resulting in higher working speed. All graphic elements are easily displayed in real-time. Additionally, users can now easily switch between video analytics and map modes to inspect all the details more closely.

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