Kate Middleton Faces Shocking Moment During Royal Naval Air Station Visit

Mon Sep 18 2023
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SOMERSET: The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, had a playful encounter during her visit to the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) in Somerset, marking her first public appearance since Prince William’s departure to the United States on Monday.

While at the RNAS, Kate joined the traffic control tower staff and engaged with an airborne Wildcat helicopter crew. The visit took an amusing turn when the Duchess donned a lifejacket that unexpectedly inflated, prompting laughter and surprise.

A leading survival equipment technician, Louise Evans-Hughes, revealed that she had forewarned Kate about a potential loud noise when opening the Velcro on the lifejacket. True to her caution, a “bang” ensued as soon as Kate pulled it, causing the lifejacket to inflate.

Describing the Duchess’s reaction, the technician mentioned that it was a delightful sight to see Kate’s expression. The lifejacket expanded more than anticipated, making her feel somewhat snug. To ensure Kate’s comfort, the technician promptly released some of the air from the lifejacket.

Kate Middleton’s Visit to Royal Naval Air Station

During her visit to the RNAS, Kate Middleton also had the opportunity to explore various aircraft and equipment. She sat inside a Merlin Mk4 helicopter, a crucial asset deployed globally by the Royal Marines for disaster relief efforts. Additionally, she examined a Merlin MK2, primarily utilized for submarine detection. In a further display of her adventurous spirit, Kate engaged in a flight simulation, where she tested her piloting skills with a Wildcat MK2, enabling aircrew to practice flying over land and landing on ships.

The lighthearted moment brought a touch of humor to Kate’s visit, highlighting her affable and down-to-earth personality during official engagements.

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