Kazakh President Says Shanghai Cooperation Organization Needs to Update Its Approach

Thu Apr 04 2024
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ASTANA: During a meeting with the heads of the security councils of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states in Astana, Kazakhstan’s President emphasized the necessity for a renewed approach to tackle modern challenges.

As per the media reports, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev highlighted the imperative for the SCO to adapt its strategies in response to evolving threats. He underscored ongoing efforts to modernize the organization’s methodologies, aiming to leverage its potential as a robust instrument for regional and global security.

Tokayev emphasized the significance of coordinating national security efforts through gatherings such as the one held, asserting the importance of a comprehensive approach to address diverse challenges effectively.

Addressing the persisting global uncertainties, Tokayev stressed the imperative for SCO countries to unite against external threats. He specifically mentioned the escalating menace of international terrorism, emphasizing the need for collective action to neutralize these threats and maintain internal stability within member states.

In his capacity as the current chair of the SCO, Tokayev reiterated Kazakhstan’s commitment to prioritizing counterterrorism efforts within the organization’s agenda.

Earlier in the day, the 19th annual meeting of the heads of the security councils of SCO member states convened in Astana, reflecting the ongoing collaboration and shared commitment to regional security among member nations.

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