Kenya: Opposition Leader Calls Off Protest

Mon Apr 03 2023
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NAIROBI: Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has announced that he was calling off a protest demonstration on Monday and would embark on talks with the government following two weeks of demonstrations in the African country, western media reported on Sunday.

Local media reports said that as many as three people were killed during the recent wave of protest in the country. Some reports suggests that business centers have also been looted during the anti-government protests since March, 20.

Opposition in Kenya

Opposition leader Odinga, who has alleged President William Ruto of stealing elections, had called for protest demonstrations twice a week and also warned “Mega Monday” would see his supporters “take back” the African country.

AFP reported that Odinga announced today that he was calling it off, following Ruto suggested they create a bipartisan parliamentary committee in order to work via concerns over the process of elections.

“We stand down our protests for Monday.  We want to emphasize the right to demonstrate and assemble in “our constitution,” Odinga told the media.

In a countrywide address earlier in the evening, Ruto earlier appealed for Odinga to work via parliament instead of street.

“I urge my brother Odinga, and the opposition parties, to call off the protests, and to give this bipartisan approach an opportunity for us to take the nation forward,” he said, asking Kenyans to remain peaceful and respect the law.

The African Union has appealed for a peaceful end to the crisis that saw police firing tear gas at protesters, and businesses set aflame.

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