Kim Kardashian to Appear in ‘American Horror Story’

Tue Apr 11 2023
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WASHINGTON: US reality television star Kim Kardashian will be making an appearance on the cult series American Horror Story.

The socialite and multi-billionaire businesswoman announced her addition to the series with actress Emma Roberts in a spooky video she shared on Monday with her 352 million Instagram followers.

In the brief video, “Rock-a-bye Baby” is crooned off-key, and the line “Emma and Kim are delicate” is muttered.

According to the entertainment news source Variety, Kardashian will lead in Season 12 of the series in a role created only for her. Kardashian first came to the public attention as part of heiress Paris Hilton’s entourage before gaining fame after a sex-scandal.

The long-running “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” series and its spin-offs came next, giving viewers a look into the ultra-wealthy family’s daily lives.

In addition to her now-divorced public marriage to Kanye West, Kardashian also developed a successful empire selling lingerie and cosmetics.

She had a couple of movie cameos in the late 2000s, and most recently, she provided character voiceovers for “PAW Patrol: The Movie.” That will be her first scripted on-screen project in ten years, though, with “American Horror Story.”

“American Horror Story” is an anthology involving different locations and characters. It is renowned for having a famous cast that frequently changes. Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, and Angela Bassett are among the famous celebrities who have starred in the series.

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