KSA Completes Preparations for 2023 Hajj Season

Sat Jun 24 2023
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MAKKAH: The Saudi Ministry of Interior and leaders of the Hajj security forces have said that all preparations have been completed as they shared details of their security, traffic and organizational plans for this year’s Hajj season.

According to the Passports Forces for Umrah, a total of 1,604,772 pilgrims have arrived from outside the Kingdom to perform Hajj rituals.

Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Bassami, director of public security and chair of the Hajj Security Committee, during a briefing at the Unified Security Operations Center in Makkah said: “The general plan for the tasks and responsibilities of the Hajj security forces for this year, approved by the minister of interior and chairman of the Supreme Hajj Committee, Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Naif, has focused on intensifying the field security presence in a way that ensures the speedy monitoring of all types of security cases and remarks, and rapid response with appropriate measures.”

He further said the plan also includes “taking preventive measures to combat pickpocketing, counter crime and any negative phenomena that affects the security and safety of the pilgrims.”

Al-Bassami said measures were already in place to keep the pilgrims safe at the Grand Mosque and other holy sites. He said security control centers at the entrances to Makkah, holy sites, and along the roads leading to them will control traffic during the rituals.

Commander of the Special Emergency Forces at the Presidency of State Security, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Omari said that its staff are ready to maintain security and order in Makkah, Madinah, and the holy sites, to protect guests of the Kingdom, prevent violations of Hajj regulations, stop unauthorized persons from entering the holy sites, organize the throwing of pebbles at the Jamarat and manage the movement of crowds.

Director of the Civil Defense Forces, Maj. Gen. Hamoud Sulaiman Al-Faraj said preparations were complete for its activities at Al-Mashaer Operations Center, including managing volunteers and the Haram Support Forces, and coordinating with the government agencies and the Hajj Emergency Operations Center in addressing any emergencies that arise.


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