Kyrgyzstan Parliament Approves Military Cooperation Agreement with Qatar

Mon Dec 25 2023
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BAKU: The Committee on International Affairs, Defense, Security, and Migration of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan has moved forward with the adoption of a bill in the second reading. The bill pertains to the ratification of an agreement between Kyrgyzstan and the government of Qatar, focusing on cooperation in the military field.

Deputy Minister of Defense, Erlis Terdikbaev, provided information about the bill, highlighting the potential benefits and collaborations outlined in the agreement. Under the proposed document, military personnel from Kyrgyzstan will have the opportunity to engage in various educational initiatives, short-term courses, exercises, training programs, and competitions.

The agreement also opens avenues for joint projects aimed at improving infrastructure and constructing facilities for the armed forces of Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, the Qatari side may initiate the provision of gratuitous military-technical assistance, enhancing the capabilities and resources available to the armed forces of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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