Kyrgyzstan President Urges Citizens to Honor Commitments to Foreign Investors

Thu Dec 28 2023
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BISHKEK: Kyrgyzstan’s President Sadyr Japarov appealed to the citizens of the country, emphasizing the importance of upholding commitments and protecting the interests of foreign investors. President Japarov highlighted the influx of investors from various countries in recent years, recognizing the crucial role foreign investments play in the development of the nation.

In a statement on Facebook, the President expressed concern over instances where private entrepreneurs deceived some foreign investors, resulting in legal interventions and financial reimbursements by law enforcement agencies.

While acknowledging the efforts to rectify such situations, President Japarov emphasized that these incidents not only burden law enforcement but also tarnish the country’s reputation in the eyes of the global investment community.

Referring to a Kyrgyz proverb, “Bir karyn maidy bir kumalak chiritet” (A fly in the ointment spoils a barrel of honey), President Japarov urged citizens to uphold their commitments and act responsibly, understanding the broader impact on the nation’s image.

President Japarov Encourages Investors to Invest in Kyrgyzstan

The President issued a reminder to investors, encouraging them to collaborate with government agencies such as the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the National Agency for Promotion of Investments, and local administrative bodies. By fostering closer ties with official channels, investors can navigate a more secure and transparent investment landscape.

In a direct message to government agencies, President Japarov stressed the importance of eliminating bureaucratic hurdles and ensuring a responsive and investor-friendly environment. He emphasized that the effectiveness of government officials would be evaluated based on the number and volume of investors attracted to their respective regions.

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