Lahore Continues to Battle with Intense Smog

Tue Dec 05 2023
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LAHORE: Lahore continues to battle with intense smog as it retains the distinction of being the world’s most polluted city.

The Air Quality Index (AQI) rose to a startling 211 early in the day Tuesday, crossing the unhealthy threshold of 151. The city jumped from ninth to the top position among the world’s most polluted cities.

The heart of pollution in Lahore was DHA phase 5, where intense smog prevailed, showcasing an alarming AQI of 325. Additionally, eight other areas recorded readings surpassing 200. This hazardous condition prompted the declaration of a month-long smog emergency in Lahore and other cities in Punjab since early November.

Karachi’s smog level also ascended to 185, securing its place as the second most polluted city globally.

The prevailing atmospheric conditions, characterized by a blend of smoke and fog, have led to decreased visibility due to the amalgamation of pollution particles with cold, moist air.

The weather forecast for Lahore indicates partial cloudiness in the morning, with anticipated cold and dry conditions for the next 24 hours, featuring a maximum temperature of 23 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 9 degrees Celsius.

Early on Tuesday, commuters on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway M11 faced disruptions as the road was closed due to fog, prompting the Motorway Police to caution against unnecessary travel. They emphasized the use of fog lights while driving and encouraged seeking guidance via the helpline 130 or Twitter during the journey.

This environmental crisis confronting the city underscores the imperative need for collective action to combat the escalating air pollution.



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