Lahore Shivers in Record Cold as Punjab Battles Thick Fog

Sun Jan 21 2024
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LAHORE: The residents of Lahore and surrounding regions are fighting the bitter cold as the city experiences record-breaking low temperatures.

The mercury dipped to a chilling 7 degrees Celsius on Sunday morning, marking one of the coldest days of the ongoing winter wave.

However, the thick fog that continued blanketing the city in recent days has shown some sign of thinning due to the cold winds blowing, which have, on the other hand, intensified cold.

Meanwhile, instances of cold-related illnesses have increased, with hospitals seeing a rise in patients suffering from respiratory problems, skin ailments and most importantly, pneumonia. The city’s air quality, already a cause for concern, has further deteriorated to an unhealthy 177 on the Air Quality Index (AQI) scale.

The dense fog, combined with the biting cold has made venturing outdoors a hazardous affair.


With the cold wave showing no signs of abating, authorities have urged citizens to take necessary precautions. Warm clothing, proper hydration, and avoiding unnecessary exposure to cold are essential to stay safe. Meteorologists predict the cold wave to remain for the next few days, with Lahore likely to remain in its grip.


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