Los Angeles: Police Shoot and Kill Man Holding a Plastic Fork

Thu Feb 22 2024
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LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles police have released footage of an incident in which officers shot and killed a man holding a plastic fork.

One of the officers involved in a Feb. 3 shooting at a downtown Los Angeles warehouse is being investigated to determine whether the officer followed rules for the use of deadly force, authorities said Tuesday.

The man who was shot has been identified as Jason Lee Maccani, 36.

Footage released Tuesday shows a man being confronted by half a dozen police officers in a building hallway.

They tell the man to approach them with his hands up, and at first, he seems fine with them.

However, he is unable to stop and continues to walk with his hands clenched into fists and holding an object that police say is a screwdriver.

Officers tried to subdue him but were unsuccessful, police said in a statement.

The video shows the man approaching police when shots are fired.

“The suspect grabbed one of the officers and the Beanbag Shotgun she was holding, resulting in an Officer-Involved Shooting,” it said.

Police went to the building after someone called 911 to report an “assault with a deadly weapon” at the warehouse.

The caller reported that the person was under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was threatening the employer with a stick.

Maccani died at a nearby hospital. None of the warehouse employees or the police were injured.

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