Macron Declares State of Emergency in New Caledonia After Violent Unrest

Wed May 15 2024
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PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron is issuing a decree declaring a state of emergency in the Pacific territory of New Caledonia after two nights of rioting there over constitutional reform, his office said Wednesday, AFP reported.

The move comes as the unrest, which has claimed three lives and left a police officer seriously wounded, continues to escalate.

In a statement issued by the Elysee, Macron warned that any further violence would be met with an “unyielding” response. He called for an immediate resumption of political dialogue to address the underlying issues fueling the unrest in New Caledonia.

The president has requested the inclusion of the decree declaring a state of emergency on the agenda of a cabinet meeting scheduled for this afternoon, according to the presidency. Macron emphasized that restoring republican order is paramount in the face of escalating violence.

Expressing his concern over the loss of lives and the serious injuries sustained by law enforcement personnel, Macron underscored the importance of maintaining peace and stability in New Caledonia. He welcomed calls for calm from all sides of the political spectrum and urged factions to engage in constructive dialogue to find a peaceful resolution to the crisis.


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