Man Kills 12 Relatives, Including Father, in Rare Mass Shooting in Iran

Sat Feb 17 2024
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TEHRAN: A 30-year-old man in Iran has reportedly gunned down 12 of his relatives, including his own father and brother, in a rare and shocking mass shooting. According to official media reports on Saturday, the assailant, whose identity has not been disclosed, unleashed the attack using a Kalashnikov assault rifle before being fatally shot by security forces in the south-central province of Kerman.

The tragic incident took place in a remote rural village, with initial investigations suggesting that the motive behind the gruesome act was a family dispute. However, authorities have yet to provide further details regarding the nature of the dispute.

Mass shootings are exceptionally rare occurrences in Iran, where strict regulations limit civilian access to firearms, with hunting rifles being the only legal weapons permitted for possession.

This incident bears resemblance to a previous episode two years ago, when a former employee of a state institution in western Iran carried out a similar act of violence, resulting in the deaths of three persons and injuries to five others before taking his own life.


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