Mass Shooting Leaves 12 Dead in Southern Iran

Sun Feb 18 2024
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FARYAB, Iran: A 30-year-old man, embroiled in a family dispute, committed a rare mass shooting, resulting in the deaths of 12 of his relatives, including his father and brother. The gruesome event occurred near the town of Faryab in Kerman province, as confirmed by provincial chief justice Ebrahim Hamidi.

According to reports from state media, the perpetrator used a Kalashnikov weapon to carry out the devastating attack. The situation escalated further when security forces engaged in a shootout with the assailant during their attempt to apprehend him. Ultimately, the man lost his life in the exchange with law enforcement.

Mass shootings are infrequent occurrences in Iran, where stringent regulations limit civilian access to firearms, allowing possession only for hunting rifles. The rarity of such incidents magnifies the shock and grief experienced by the community and authorities alike.

This tragic event follows another instance of violence earlier in January, when an army conscript unleashed gunfire within a military base located in the same province. The assailant claimed the lives of at least five fellow soldiers before fleeing the scene, underscoring the need for continued efforts to address underlying factors contributing to such acts of violence.

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