Massive Floods Displace 27,000 People Across Six Malaysian States

Wed Dec 27 2023
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KUALA LUMPUR: Widespread flooding triggered by torrential monsoon rains has affected six states in Malaysia, compelling nearly 27,000 people to seek refuge in relief centers. The eastern coastal states, including Kelantan and Terengganu, bore the brunt of the deluge, with rivers breaching their banks and causing havoc in the affected regions.

Even Kelantan Chief Minister Nassuruddin Daud experienced the impact firsthand, as rising water levels surrounded his residence in Kampung Meranti, near Kota Bharu. “The water level rose quite rapidly… Praise God, this morning I was still able to carry out my official duties,” he shared on Facebook.

The torrential rain has led to the overflowing of 13 rivers across six districts in Terengganu, prompting evacuations and rendering several main roads impassable. In Kelantan, strong currents broke a wall at a flood mitigation project, exacerbating the situation in Pasir Mas.

Evacuation Amid Floods in Malaysia

As of the latest reports, 20,216 people have been evacuated in Kelantan, seeking refuge in 66 temporary relief centers. In Terengganu, 6,175 individuals are housed in 63 centers, while 119 people in Pahang have also been forced to evacuate.

Temporary shelters, equipped with flood-relief essentials, are being utilized to accommodate displaced families. Volunteers and emergency response teams, including excavators and boats, are actively engaged in rescue and relief operations.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim expressed concern over the escalating situation and announced his visit to Kelantan on December 28 to assess the gravity of the flooding.

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