Massive London Rally Demands ‘Free Palestine’, Urges ‘Stop Arming Israel’

Sat Apr 13 2024
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LONDON: In a powerful display of solidarity with Gaza, thousands of demonstrators gathered in central Russell Square in London on Saturday for a massive rally demanding to “Stop arming Israel,” and protesting Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Among the fervent chants echoing through the streets was a resounding demand to “Stop arming Israel,” calling for an immediate cease-fire in the region to avert further violence.

The Day of Action for Palestine drew a diverse crowd, with protesters carrying Palestinian flags and chanting slogans demanding an end to the violence. The rally comes in the wake of continued Israeli attacks, which have claimed the lives of over 33,000 people in Gaza since October 7, 2023.

The protesters called for “Free Palestine” and “Stop the genocide,” reflecting the protesters’ impassioned plea for peace and justice in the blockaded territory. The march proceeded towards Parliament Square, where voices united in condemnation of the UK’s stance on Israel.

While the majority of demonstrators voiced support for Palestine, a small group of pro-Israeli protesters also staged a demonstration along the march route.

Amidst the sea of voices, Jewish protesters from various groups stood in solidarity with Palestine, emphasizing that the violence does not represent them. “Not in our name,” they said, echoing a sentiment of shared humanity and a call for peace.

Steve, a 31-year-old protester, expressed his reasons for attending the rally, citing the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine and the urgent need for international intervention. “Israel’s decades-long occupation and the loss of countless lives demand our collective outcry,” he declared.

Criticism also extended to the UK’s arms supply to Israel, with protesters condemning the country’s complicity in perpetuating the violence. “Supplying arms to Israel is a clear violation of international law,” Steve asserted, emphasizing the imperative to cease such actions and uphold justice.

The rally shed light on the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, where relentless attacks have left the region in ruins and pushed millions to the brink of starvation. As the violence continues to escalate, calls for immediate intervention and lasting peace resonate louder than ever.

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