Meghan Markle Rejects Kate Middleton, Prince William’s Olive Branch: Real Reason Disclosed

Tue Apr 02 2024
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LONDON: Prince William and Kate Middleton have extended an olive branch to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry by urging them to bring their children Archie and Lilibet to the UK.

According to royal expert Tom Quinn speaking to The Mirror, Kate and William have reached out to Meghan and Harry, urging them to visit the UK as the future queen contends with cancer.

However, Quinn further suggested that Meghan Markle has rejected the olive branch extended by Kate and William. He stated, “William and Kate have proposed that Meghan and Harry bring their children and that the two couples and their families attempt to reconcile, but so far, the suggestion has not made progress.” Quinn added, “There is no indication that Meghan would agree to bring the children to the UK.”

Meanwhile, a report by The List alleges that Meghan declined to bring her children due to her reluctance to return to a place where she experienced significant unhappiness and stress. The report also suggests that security concerns may contribute to Meghan and Harry’s hesitation about traveling to the UK with their young children.

Previously, a royal author and purported friend of Harry and Meghan had asserted that Meghan has no desire to return to the UK because she refuses to immerse herself again in the “soap opera” environment.

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