Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 10 could Dispose Around 240 Million PCs

Fri Dec 22 2023
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WASHINGTON: Microsoft Corp’s proposal to end support for Windows 10 operating system could result in around 240 million personal computers being disposed, possibly adding to landfill waste, a research report concluded.

As per the report, the electronic waste from these personal computers could weigh around 480 million kg, equivalent to about 320,000 cars.

While many personal computers could remain functional for years post the end of OS support, the report warned demand for devices without updates could be low.

Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 10

Microsoft had announced a plan to provide security updates for Windows 10 PCs until October 2028 for an undisclosed yearly price.

Microsoft want to discontinue support for Windows 10 by 2025 while the next generation of the OS, anticipated to bring latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology to PCs, could possibly boost the slow PC market.

Microsoft did not issue any statement about the environmental impact of disposal of Windows 11-incompatible system.

Hard drives used in PCs and data storage servers are also recycled to collect materials for use in electric vehicle motors and even renewable power production.



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