Missile Attacks in Ukraine Show Putin Must be Stopped: Biden

Sat Dec 30 2023
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WASHINGTON: US President Joe Biden on Friday called Russia’s recent missile barrage on Ukraine a “stark reminder” that Russian President Vladimir Putin remained devoted to ending Ukraine and stated “Putin must be stopped.”

In a statement, Joe Biden said that the overnight assault, which killed around 31 civilians and injured over 120 across Ukraine, was the major aerial attack since Moscow launched its invasion in last year.

Ukrainian officials said that a maternity hospital, Schools, shopping arcades and flats were among the compounds hit in the barrage.

The assaults — which also saw a Russian missile passing via Polish airspace — triggered global condemnation and fresh pledges of military help to Ukraine, which has been fighting off invading Russian forces since late February 2022.

Biden added that it was an unambiguous reminder to the international community that, after nearly two years of this war, Putin’s target remains unchanged. President Putin seeks to destroy Ukraine and subjugate its citizens and he (Putin) must be stopped.

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President Biden said Ukraine used air defense systems that the UIS and its allies had given to successfully intercept and destroy missiles and drones launched by Russian troops, and he asked Congress to pass continued aid. He said that US Congress should step up and act without any further postponement.

Washington on Thursday said it would give to $250 million in weapons and equipment to Ukraine in a last aid package in 2023, as top officials continued to ask legislators to pass another $61 billion in aid to the war-hit country.

Republican lawmakers are declining to pass the assistance requested by Biden’s administration unless Democrats agree to tighten security along the Mexico-US border.

The White House also warned that without more appropriation American aid will run out by the end of the current year for Ukraine’s fight to regain territory occupied by Russian troops.

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